I made this video last year. It so hard for me to upload it in youtube. I don’t get it why others can upload their video but I can’t. So complicated to think (@,@). So I decide to post it here and I think there will be some people who can’t understand it kihkihkih(giggles). (so sad, I can’t upload it here either). This video is about my friends. They cute, really! I love my friends and I love my family so much..=*. My feeling can’t be described by word. Anyway, regardless of my feeling, I also got complicated relationship with them. It not they fault actually. It just that I’m a lacking girl that don’t know how to communicate with others politely and friendly. Just that I’m really bad on expressing my feeling. I good in words with no need to speak it out..I just can write it as when I’m writing, my head full of words and imagination that people hard to understand it. Me too actually hehehe…I want to enjoy this life and I hope people around me to will happy with their live…COMMON FRIENDS! let we rock n roll with our life. Enjoy!^^



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