Domo.. Domo..

Long time have leave this.

There’s suddenly this urge to write. Want to share something which I can’t talk face to face with others but keep on story telling in the innersight.

You know, what is money to you ?

Some people said money is not important as long as you have happiness or someone special by your side. But there are also a group of people whose agree that without money you won’t be happy. Not happy because you can’t buy the things that you really want, and can’t fulfill the needs of your love one.

Yeahhh.. I’m on the second category where money is very important. Waiting for salary to come in every month.

But, you know what..                                                                                                                     It’s not only me who is waiting every month.

Just now, that sister has compared her friend’s pain due to labour waiting for the contractions to occur, as – “…it must be hard for her. Just like we are in the middle of the month, salary already gone and waiting for the next salary to come in.”



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