If can…

I want to get rid my memory. Now and until then.


If can…let it be since I’m in my kindergarten. I want to remember nothing since I’m at that age. That was cruel of  me to do something like that to myself. I don’t know why am I, at that age but know and have knowledge that I shouldn’t gather as a kid. It is not really bad as for a kid to know it during that time but as the time pass, I’m getting older and without realize it, the memory come alive as it just happen yesterday and will continue to happen. I don’t know as if for this memory are making me, who am I now. Lack of confidence, shy?, wandering in deep thought, less efficient…lots to say but difficult to write.




Because we are binding to the past, we can’t straighten our mind to move forward for better day…wonderful moment…creating nice memory…and treasure it.

Can we forget our past? Of Course can if we choose to…


If we can’t forget it, that will be the most powerful pain we ever felt and…right this moment, we will be lonely. Thinking that no one can be…want to be our friends. Everything we do as it is all wrong.

Lost confidence.

Can move forward?

Our HEART know the answer…


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