So many days left before the final exam and before I can go back home. Its so boring here and think about study only, it really can make me crazy all over heh…heh…heh…Angry smile So lets see if I can make some fun with this story and PRETEND to be like an author a little bit heh…heh…heh…Angry smile


I don’t know what’s so wrong about me. Do I have animals instincts or what. Can tell what others think about me?? It’s look like impossible but possible for me…I think. I can’t look through their eyes because there are something in their eyes that I don’t like. I feel something that other people won’t understand it. The eyes that looks like it tell me to go away. The eyes that don’t like me. The eyes that don’t want to talk to me. The eyes that looks like they know all my secret. The eyes that make me scare to make an eye contact. It sweep all my confident. Why do they need to show me that’s eyes. I don’t want it. I hate it. Please! tell me directly if I’m doing wrong BUT don’t give me that freak eyes. Is so scary. How long I need to burden with this feeling. Nobody seems to understand me. It so tired to be alone in a maize where it can make you crazy and make you to kill yourself. Interaction with people really hard and it almost cause all my life for it.

Don’t Don’t Don’t!!! Please Go!!! Don’t can to me, Don’t talk to me with that eyes of yours. There are no sincerity. I can’t feel it. Your sincere. I’m sorry. And…Please GO!

How long I need to be liked this? Can somebody help me??

It is a curse, isn’t?

This picture is taken from Google

This picture is taken from Google.


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