How Can We Pleased Others?

When think about it, it just cause a headache. Actually, it hard to pleased others as we are hard to be pleased by others. Anyhow, we can do something,right? but how? I always think about this because sometimes when we are in community, we need to talk and without considers about other feeling,the listener, we hurt their feelings directly or indirectly. And of course it hard for us for an apologize.

Friends. What are FRIENDS actually? What does it mean in our daily life? Does it consider as a friend if that friend is not taking part in their other friends feeling? Doesn’t care if that friend are hurting because of their talking and actions? That’s why sometimes, be friends are one of the difficult things that had occur in most people’s life. And mostly, Friend are one among other people that hard to be pleased. So do I. It hard for me to pleased myself and also be pleased others especially my friends. Because it hard for me to accept their opinions BUT if we think more open minded, we can have a discussion and broke this kind of barrier and feels lightly to accept their opinion AND as an alarm, our opinion doesn’t one of the best thing ever happens because more heads are more useful than one heads,right? So, I can see now, discussion among friends also important even in a small matter and even it is involve feeling talks. Anyhow, sometimes it also happened in my family. And that was the most hard time to make a decision. 

Now I think, what can I do is that to accept everything (actually TRY to accept everything) even it hard, difficult, crazy, stupid, and want to curse. And be strong because without my friends who am I now.

P/S : to all my friends, I love you all.


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