about LOVE

When we says ‘love’,everyone know it and will easily define it. It just a cute things to think about that.

My experience about love is not much as me have no ability in love hehe…not that i don’t know how to love just that i don’t really know how to give love to someone and sometimes it afraid me to love as i can’t love them properly. So sad actually.

I have this story that just happen. I’m still a student and single hehe…

owhhh NO…it’s not that i want to share actually hehe…^_^

My friends says our teacher really love us and i think so too. It’s because she so kind and everything is good and perfect for a teacher like her and it’s look like we will not have a teacher like her again. As we really miss her and i miss her too and….teacher.

But in the same time, i can’t feel the love that she give to me… I know she love us and me,maybe. I can’t feel the link of love between us.

I think,if we give our love to someone, the other person that receive our love will know that we love them. But not in this case. She love me but i can’t feel the love given. That’s why i say that maybe she love me.

As she is a teacher and i am a student. And of cause, i’m not good in her subject >,<.

After sooo long thinking  …… emmm maybe i have lost my confident to score in her subject, that’s why i got feeling that she didn’t love me and i’m afraid because…….she is really a lovely and kind person. So kind till i don’t want her to see my worst result in her subject anymore ~.~

So, this is my love story *o*.


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