my hard day (13.03.2012)

okay…i want to compress here that today is really my hard day

 you that today is lab day, so we need to hand over our report immediately on time…but its really difficult because there are so many adjustment. then,everyone like to complaint about that. hahaha maybe i’m one of them. huh, it so tiring us. however we manage hand to the demonstrators on the time given.

 okay, one event had passed.

 then come another one. this occur at the bus. huh, we board the but the driver or the uncle that drive the is really increase my pressure…always asking us who boarding the bus about the matric card. i can’t stand the pressure anymore. please HELP ME!

 okay,just ignore about that, maybe it just a small matter to anyone who heard about this.

 our microbiology class today had been cancelled so i have free time for about 6 hour before another class attend at 5 pm. it’s a business class and we,44 of the members had presentations in group. usually the teacher are really friendly and kind and also not hot tempered person but this time is really my bad luck time where she changed to another person that really make me felt annoying and stressed. oh please i don’t want to have this feeling to teachers who give me knowledge..its really unforgiveable. 

 what a hard time to get through… i hope that there are no more days like today…PLEASEEEEE.

owh one thing more i forgot to stress here that i got problems which my laptop. huhuhu really pity to my lovely laptop. it become problem when i want to install this evernote then some few things had changed my laptop. till now i can’t fix it…someone please help me…i’m really got problems today x,x


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