I am so sleepy now but can’t sleep yet because having fun reading blogs^^.

I want to share the differences between HIV and AIDS. Its the information that i get from the workshop that i have attend yesterday by MAC(Malaysian Aids Council). The HIV the virus that attack human system body. That’s why it is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus which only will attack human. This virus have no cure but it can be reduced by having HAART(Human Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment) but it just given by adequate dose by the doctor to the person that really in needs. This virus can cause AIDS which lead to death. BUT, by having hygiene or take care of food taking, the virus will be less active. person which are positive HIV are not dangerous for us to mingle with them. The virus will not just spread like wildfire through air. It has its medium of spreading like the sharing of syringe by the druggers.

Person with this virus need support. We need to protect them and give them support. Our action is not to encourage them to do what they are doing now but to give them awareness and to protect the other person which are not infected yet from getting the virus. By our society concern, the percentage of PLHIV means Person Living with HIV can be reduced. Besides that, we also protect our becoming grandchildren from getting this virus too.

Our life are important. so do they, PLHIV person. Maybe some of them didn’t expected to be like what are they now but condition make them like that. positive side of thinking is also important for us as the concern society. We no need to give our money to the PLHIV if we don’t want to but we can give away our bad thinking about them. That’s just enough and very helpful.

*it just an opinion*



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