Me..who try to be ME!

When time passing by, me also swept away with it. Try to be cool, try to be okay but such thing never happen to me. How strong I am I also don’t know… Do they have ways to be strong? just for me who can’t understand the situation.

Yeahh…now I get it. The foemula to be strong is not to be alone. Oh ho, now I know… But how I want to achieve it. By the way, I’m always alone… Now? yup…also alone!

Who can accompany me? Be my best friend for the time being…whether hard or easy time? That such friends really hard to get by.

However, It’s me we talk about, who never give up with this single things. I know who I am even nobody recognize me, I know I can live with this life…and importantly, I know I can be friends with anybody I like to be because I never give up.

Okay, enough to talk about me. How about you? I hope you are stronger than me. My advice is as long we become ourselves, we can be anyone we like and we can be as strong as the giant. No one can tease us about that. the true formula is that never ever give up…

The Wired


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